viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

the moon

-but if the spiral closed as time went by, we wouldn't have space to repeat our actions and live new experiences. On the contrary, if it opens, we see the reflection of a greater and greater line that includes both past and present in one single point-

-it does close, and we live new and repeated experiences in one single point. As we grow older, everything goes faster and we have less time to do things. that's why every turn of the spiral grows smaller and smaller-

-But time wouldn't fit in your closing spiral-

-Time does not flow always at the same speed, it's something that changes. Us humans have crystalized it in a certain speed according to the crystalized understanding we have. We are not ready to understand time as a changing process, because that would mean it's not a stable thing on which we can base our whole existence.-

"-Do you have something i can use?-"

a tall, skinny man staring at them, pulling a supermarket trolley down the street.

static changes around him.

the two women are confused with the question.

-Use for what? are you aware of the subjectivity of your question? do you understand that YOUR reality differs from EVERYONE ELSES reality? You must think that all human beings are mentally and emotionally cloned to ask something like that-

"-it's just that i'm preparing all my things. the moon is coming for me soon, and i wanted to have everything ready when it does-"

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