viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

dungeon crawler

It will do that to you. Turn you off.

Dungeon Crawler.

Turning left on this corner there's a dead man standing. I've seen him so many times, a cold body that doesn't wait anymore. It just stands. He does no wrong but there is nothing i can say to him that will move him. He's been down here for too long.
I feel so alone... no one to talk to. Just an endless path of green walls and moist. And a dead man standing. I wonder how much time I need to be here to become him. To be turned off entirely. Left here.

And there's that opressing thing everywhere.
Has he seen it?
It's slow, and it's weight is bearly noticeable. It just grows between these walls and feeds quietly on the ones that walk between them.

I guess i'll be completely empty soon.
Has he met the presence? Is that why he's cold?
Turn right and straight ahead.
Is he it?
Is he it?
Turn right.
Is he it?
Is he it?
Turn left. I must go see him. He changed, he's calling me. Straight ahead.

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